Press Release

Date: June 21, 2017

For Immediate Release Contact: Pat Royal

ALEXANDRIA, VA — The National Sheriffs’ Association (NSA) is pleased to announce Carrie Hill, Esq., as the newly appointed Director for NSA’s own National Center for Jail Operations (NCJO).

Ms. Hill has dedicated her twenty-nine-year career to providing professional development seminars in correctional law, along with criminal justice consulting, to educate and empower those working in the correctional industry. Ms. Hill’s passion for and expertise of corrections law is known nationally. Ms. Hill’s contributions to corrections go beyond professional development, consulting for and defense of correctional facilities, management and staff. She is also the former General Counsel to the Utah Department of Corrections, Editor of Corrections Managers’ Report and most recently, the Senior Administrative Manager to Sheriff Richard Stanek in Hennepin County, MN.

“This is a great day for the 3,088 Sheriffs of America,” said NSA President Sheriff Greg Champagne (St. Charles Parish, LA). “Carrie Hill brings a level of legal and training expertise to our National Center for Jail Operations that is second to none.” Sheriff Champagne continued “We are extremely excited that Carrie will be instrumental in raising the level of professionalism of Sheriffs in operating correctional facilities across the country.”

“The Sheriffs’ of America operate more that 80% of our nation’s jails. Along with partners US C-SOG and NCCSO, the National Sheriffs’ Association has taken a giant step to bring the most realistic and high-quality training to our jail officers in a state of the art facility. The men and women that staff our jails deserve nothing less”, said Larry Amerson, Calhoun County Sheriff (Retired).

The NSA is constantly seeking to expand and improve professional training opportunities for sheriffs and their staff. In May 2017, the NSA’s NCJO entered into a strategic partnership with the National Center for Corrections Special Operations (NCCSO). NCCSO operates the premier training center for correctional officers inside a 100,000 sq. ft. former jail near Naples, Florida. The partnership between NCJO and NCCSO will be known as The Center, and will offer the world’s first all-in-one training center designed specifically to satisfy the training needs of Sheriffs and their Jails. At The Center, the classroom comes alive. The Center offers something that no other training program has: the ability for deputies and officers of all ranks to train in a facility which mimic’s their own, allowing them to take back what they learned and apply it immediately in their own facility without delay or modification.

About NSA:
The National Sheriffs’ Association (NSA) is one of the largest associations of law enforcement professionals in the United States, representing more than 3,000 elected sheriffs across the nation, and a total membership of more than 20,000. NSA is a non-profit organization dedicated to raising the level of professionalism among sheriffs, their deputies, and others in the field of criminal justice and public safety. Throughout its seventy-six year history, NSA has served as an information clearinghouse for sheriffs, deputies, chiefs of police, other law enforcement professionals, state governments and the federal government.